How does the school challenge work and how are the points worked out?

All school age riders from local primary and secondary schools are eligible to accrue participation points for their school.

When you register online for the Under 12 event or the 6 Hour U 17 Junior Teams event, please complete the question which asks what school you attend.

Every rider accrues 1 point for participating. Bonus points are awarded to any teams that have ALL of their team members from the same school. Each of these riders will accrue 2 points each, instead of 1 point.

For example: School A has 2 riders in the Under 12 event (2 points), 2 riders in a team with a rider from School B in the U17 Teams Event (2 points) and 2 teams of 3 riders in the U17 Teams Event (6 points). This will give School A a total of 10 points.

The school with the most points accrued will be awarded the Local Schools Challenge Trophy.

Please note school aged riders riding in OPEN categories (solo or team), will also have their points counted this year.

Can I still ride with my friends if they are from a different school?

Yes you can and you will each accrue 1 point for your respective schools.