The 100km Challenge

The 100km Challenge Award will be given to any solo rider who completes 8 laps of the 13km track within the 6 hour time limit. All laps must be completed prior to the 6 hour cut off. Any laps completed after the 6 hour cut off won’t be counted. This means you have to average under 45 minutes across 8 laps. Think you’re good enough? If so, your name will be added to an elite list of riders that have achieved the challenge

2016 MTB Wagga Evocities 6 Hour Enduro 100km Challenge – None awarded due to race being cut to 4 hours in very wet conditions

2015 MTB Wagga Evocities 6 Hour Enduro 100km Challenge

10 Laps – Stefan Merriman, Ed McDonald, Jason English

9 Laps – Brett Bellchambers, Andrew Lloyd, Ondrej Slezac, Michael Kafka, Sam Moffitt, Jason Morgan, Jamie Voegle, Gary James

8 Laps – Jenni King, Liz Smith, Jamie Heritage, James Hall, Dan Marges, James Lamb, Nicholas Hoye, Sam Stephenson, Josh Roy, Dan Baker, Luke Sperring, Martin Tink, David Sperring, Andrew Bruce, Russell Graham, Michael Inglis, Duncan Miller

2014 MTB Wagga 6 Hour Enduro 100km Challenge Awards
Ed McDonald – 10
Daniel Beresford – 9
Jason Chalker – 9
Tim Ferres – 9
Phillip Banks – 9
Craig Metcalf – 8
Adrian Hamilton – 8
Rob Tye – 8

Wagga Wagga 6 Hour Centurion