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2017 MTB Wagga 6 Hour


31/8/17 – Adam Wilson is our official event photographer. Check out his great work at  He has come a long way since starting out years ago in the very early days of the Wagga 6 Hour. Great to have you back Adam.

29/8/17 – Here is a taste of some of the great prize packs on offer this weekend. Thanks to Wagga City Council for  their fantastic support with these.

28/8/17 – There will be plenty of great food and coffee to satisfy the taste buds of competitors and spectators this Sunday at the 6 Hour. Wagga Cycling Club will be selling their usual array of tasty hot food and Infuso Coffee will be providing everyone with their caffeine hits throughout the day.

27/8/17 – Solo riders who complete 8 laps or more at the MTB Wagga 6 Hour get their name on the 100km Challenge Honour Roll on the 6 hour website and get to take home one of these for their efforts.

24/8/17 – Don’t forget online entries close on Saturday 2nd September and there are NO on the day entries available.

23/8/17 – Thomas Brothers have come on board as sponsors of the U12 Thirty Minute Race. it is a brand new track this year and suitable to the younger riders in this age category. It is 1.7km long, is totally separate from the 6 hour course and will make for great spectator viewing. The new start time is 10am. All junior entries are online.

8/6/17- Online entries are now open


2016 MTB Wagga Evocities 6 Hour Enduro


We have had more rain than expected overnight, however it looks to have passed through and we now have 24 hours for the water to keep running off the track. Our trail guys will be working hard at that today. 98% of the 13km 6 Hour course is on a rocky base and will still be fine to ride, however there will be water lying about in some areas. As already posted earlier in the week, there will be a few short sections which will be muddy and will bog up as the race progresses. “Ocean Boulevard” and “Terracotta Flat” will be closed and the wet weather lines open. To state the obvious, come expecting a wet race! We are going to keep the course closed today in order to get it in as good a shape as we can for tomorrow. Apologies to those of you who were hoping to get a reccie lap in this afternoon. We will be out there setting up HQ from 12:00 today.

What seems to be of most concern to riders at the moment however, is the late pull out of our coffee van and the inability to get a replacement van at short notice!! Unfortunately we won’t have coffee or hot drinks available tomorrow, so if you really need that caffeine hit during the day, best to pack the thermos

3/9/16  Parking and HQ Changes

Due to the wet weather, we will be keeping all non essential event, emergency and sponsor vehicles out of the grassed HQ area. The gravel road at the end of Bagley Drive leading to the main gate and information shelter, will be closed to all non event vehicles and there will be a parking marshall located there directing you where to go.

Access to the HQ/Transition area will be through the golf club driving range gate which is accessed from the golf club carpark. We have moved HQ/Transition closer to this location, so you have less distance to walk and carry all of your gear. Shelters and individual transition areas trackside, can be set up from 2pm on Saturday afternoon, or on Sunday morning.

We have been given permission to use some of the golf club bitumen parking spaces on Saturday and Sunday and this will be clearly bunted and signed for MTB use. Please be mindful of not parking in the other car spots used by golfers. There will be other parking along Bagley Drive, either along the edge of the bitumen or on the grass along the fence line for higher clearance vehicles.

We will have a drop off zone set up close to the golf club driving range gate on Sunday morning for any larger items you may not want to carry from your parking spot. Please unload your vehicle as quickly as possible and continue to a car space for parking. It will be short walk (approximately 100-200m) from this location to the HQ area. From the car spaces on Bagley Drive, it will be anything from 300-400m, depending on how far back you have to park.

2/9/16  8am –  MTB Wagga Evocities 6 Hour Enduro IS ON

Having assessed current trail conditions, emergency vehicle access and the updated rain forecast this morning, we are pleased to announce that we have decided to go ahead with our event this weekend. There is a low pressure system moving through NSW today which is bringing widespread rain across the state and will clear sometime Saturday morning. The worst of this is further north in the state. Obviously it is hard to know exactly how much of the forecast rain will fall in Wagga, but fingers crossed it will be at the lower end of the prediction. Either way, we are committed to doing everything we can between Saturday and Sunday to make conditions as good as they possibly can be.

As already indicated in previous postings, we have had to make some changes to the HQ/transition area and car parking. Vehicle access to HQ will be limited to essential event and emergency vehicles only, with provisions made to limit how far you will have to walk with your gear. I will post up more information about this tonight, but we plan to have marshalls and signage in place directing you where to go.

Unfortunately we will have to cancel free camping at HQ on Saturday night, due to the restricted vehicle access to that area. We apologise to all of you who were intending to make the most of this offer, but encourage you to look at other free camping options at Wilks Park or paid camping at any of the caravan parks in town.

Whilst we are extremely disappointed that the weather has disrupted the many months of planning and preparation we have put into our event, we are prepared to go ahead with it, even if the conditions will be less than ideal. Thanks to all of you for making the effort to come to Wagga this weekend to support our 6 hour and for hanging in all week with the level of uncertainty. To those who understandably have decided to stay home this year, we hope to see you next time in better conditions. Those attending, can expect to have a heap of fun on some great trails, in slightly wetter conditions than we would have liked! Safe travels and we look forward to seeing you all on Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning.

31/8/16 at 8pm – Event, Weather and Conditions Update

We have had 14mm of rain fall at Pomi overnight and into the morning and the forecast is changing daily for Friday and Saturday. At present there is no drama with the event going ahead, but we will obviously need to factor in what rain might come on Friday and Saturday. Sunday is shaping up to be a great day weather wise, for the event itself.

What we do know at this stage is that the course is a pretty good wet weather track, however there will be some water laying about on some sections, but most of that will have good hard pack underneath it. There will be a couple of short sections that may bog up, but all very rideable. We expect it will be better than last year for those of you who rode that and certainly not worse.

We are fairly certain at this stage that we will need to rework our HQ/transition and car parking areas, but are confident we can nut out something reasonable there. What it will likely mean is that you may have to walk a few hundred metres extra with your gear, than what you would with the usual set up, but we will provide a drop off point closer to the gate to minimise this.

As previously stated, we will make a final decision at midday on Friday 2nd September and that will be posted on the website, on facebook and via email to all those riders who have already entered. Thanks to all for your understanding of our situation.


29/8/16   Information in relation to the forecast rain and the MTB Wagga Evocities 6 Hour Enduro this weekend

As many of you are aware, the weather forecast for Wagga this week indicates that reasonable amounts of rain are likely to fall across Tuesday evening, into Wednesday and then again on Friday. It seems that for the second year in a row, our final week preparations for the 6 hour, will be disrupted by rain. On the upside, we are happy to confirm that the 10 year drought is finally over in our neck of the woods!! But what does the forecast rain mean for riders, people travelling, track conditions etc for the 6 hour?? If responses to the FAQs below are not sufficient, please email with your query.

Will you cancel the event if there is too much rain?

MTB Wagga take pride in running fun, affordable and quality events. Our small volunteer trails team and race committee, will aim to do everything we can to get the track and HQ area ready to go by Sunday. Those of you who rode last year will remember that despite a lot of rain preceding that event, the track mostly held up pretty well. Yes, there were a number of sections that were boggy and wet, but we have had 12 months to work on those areas by either putting in alternate wet weather lines, or improving the trail design to enable water to get off the track.

We have some good wet weather contingencies that we can put in place around HQ and parking, if conditions make vehicle access to that area unsafe.

Under what circumstances would you consider cancelling the event?

Cancelling the MTB Wagga Evocities 6 Hour Enduro would be our very last option and would only occur in the event of very extreme circumstances. We are committed to doing everything we possibly can to deal with any obstacles the forecast rain might throw up for us over the next 5 days.

Rider safety is our number one priority and if conditions become such that rider safety will be jeopardised, or we are unable to run the event in accordance with MTBA policies, then this would need to be seriously considered. Often it is not so much the actual trail conditions that place riders at risk, but whether or not emergency vehicles can get access to key areas of the course, if needing to respond to any emergency medical situation.

The other consideration we need to factor in is the concerns of the land managers about the potential for significant damage to both the trails and other areas of Pomingalarna Reserve. If last year’s event is anything to go by, they are extremely supportive of our event and would not make this decision lightly.

Will we still be able to camp on Saturday night at HQ if the camping area is too wet?

If the forecast rain event leaves the camp area inaccessible to vehicles, we may have to cancel free camping at the event HQ. Please see information below on how that will be communicated. If camping is not available at the event HQ, there is free camping located in town by the Murrumbidgee River, at Wilks Park

How will any changes be communicated?

If the forecast weather events do not fall in our favour and the amount of rainfall received over the next 4 days results in the event being cancelled, an official announcement will be made by the race committee at midday on Friday 2nd September. Those people who have registered online and provided an email address, will be sent an email advising them of this and posts will be placed on both the MTB Wagga and Evocities MTB Series facebook pages, as well as under “Latest News” on the official event website

All relevant updates and any other changes, will be posted on the event website and on facebook during the week. Please check them daily to stay up to date.

19/8/16 – 6 Hour T-shirts and MTB Wagga caps will be on sale again this year. T-shirts sizes XS to XXL are $25 and caps are $20.

6 Hour t-shirt frontMTB Wagga Cap

18/8/16 – All adult 6 hour riders have the choice of a Mountain Goat or Cricketers Arms beverage to quench their thirst once they cross the finish line. A big thanks to local cycling stalwart Andrew Bradley for organising the sponsorship.

CA_Masterbrand_Colour_RGBMountain Goat Logo_Colourunion Final Logos high res

7/8/16 – With Tamworth done and dusted, now it’s time to get yourself ready for Round 4 in Wagga. Less than 4 weeks to go, so time to start getting your team mates together or biting the bullet in the solo stakes. Get your entries in.



10/8/15 – 27 more sleeps to go until the Wagga Wagga 6 Hour and finale of the Evocities Series!!  Locals love our trails, as do the likes of Eliza Kwan, Ed MCDonald and Dylan Cooper, who are all past winners. Come and see for yourself why everyone loves the Wagga trails at Pomingalarna Park!!

15/8/15 – We have a limited number of event t-shirts for sale in sizes XS – XXL. No pre orders are being taken, so be sure to get in early to the rego tent with your payment if you want one ($25 per shirt).  MTB Wagga caps will also be for sale for $20.

6 Hour t-shirt frontMTB Wagga Cap


21/8/15 – Crowley’s Hot Sauce,  are back again as a sponsor of the MTB Wagga 6 Hour.  Locally made in Wagga, supporting charities and events across the Wagga area since 2011. Slather some on your sausage or steak sandwich. Jason has just taken out the  World Number 1 Chipotle (Chip – Oat – Lay) BBQ Sauce at the 2015 World Hot Sauce Awards

Small Batch. Hand Crafted. Locally Made. Australian Owned. Internationally Recognised. MTB Wagga are proud to help support local business.

CHS_MTB on black


25/8/15 – Local photographer Scott Nevyn Stevens, will be out on course taking lots of great action shots throughout the course of the day. As he always does at our 6 Hour and RAMBO events, Scott will make his photos available to all participants for free, within a week after the event. Be sure to say G’day and thank him when you zoom past out on course. When not taking photos out at Pomi, Scott is often seen out on the trails on his fat bike, with a smile from ear to ear.

28/8/15 – MTB Wagga has just celebrated it’s 10th Anniversary. Our very first jersey is the one pictured below. Anybody who wears the old jersey to the 6 Hour and rides in it, will get a prize. Come and see the Race Director or MC during the day.


29/8/15 – Don’t forget that online entries close at 9am on Saturday 5th and there are NO ON THE DAY ENTRIES.  If you don’t enter online before 9am on Saturday, you will miss out.

30/8/15 – Petrina Quinn  and Aussie Butt Cream have been fantastic supporters of MTB Wagga and the 6 Hour since the product was first developed back in the day when Petrina was living in Wagga. We will have lots of Aussie Butt give aways on Sunday.

31/8/15 – Wagga is lucky to have 3 awesome bike shops; Morgan Street Cycles, Wagga Cycle Centre and Kidson’s Cycles. Rob, Andrew and Kris are all keen MTBers and have given brilliant support to our club and events over the years. This year is no different, as all 3 shops will be out at the 6 Hour riding and supporting their loyal customers. The shops have again thrown in a significant amount of bike gear for the prize pool. Hang around for presentations and you could be a lucky draw prize winner and take home some awesome gear.

31/8/15 – Morgan Street Cycles will have some TREK demo bikes available at the 6 Hour. Go and the see the crew at the TREK tent and they will swap your pedals over and send you on your way to enjoy a lap of the course. Demo bikes available include a Trek Fuel 9 x2, Farley )fat bike) and a Remedy 9. They will also have a Slash, Top Fuel 9.8 and Top Fuel 9 or display.

1/9/15 – Only 3 days to go to get your entries in. Remember NO ON THE DAY ENTRIES. 9am this Saturday morning is the cut off. $1 from every entry goes to the MTB Wagga Tree Fund. In autumn 2016, we are going to spend tree fund money raised over the last 3 years at the Wagga 6 Hour, Wagga RAMBO and Tumut 3 Hour events to purchase trees and help rehabilitate where we ride.

2/9/15 – We will have a coffee van at the 6 Hour and the Wagga Cycle Club will be running a BBQ for us which will include cold drinks, egg and bacon rolls and pasta. All available from early on Sunday morning and those camping the night, may even be able to con a coffee out of John if they ask nicely!!

3/9/15 – UPDATE ON WEATHER FORECAST AND TRAIL CONDITIONS FOR WAGGA WAGGA 6 HOUR The weather for the next 4 days is looking good with a low of 4 and a high of 18 on Sunday and mostly sunny forecast. Perfect riding conditions, so if you were hanging out to see what the weather was doing before entering, do it now as you only have 48 hours left. 9am SATURDAY IS THE CUT OFF.

We have had some rain overnight, but with some good sunny days forecast between now and Sunday, the track will come up a treat. There are 2 sections of track that hold water; “Ocean Boulevard” and “Terracotta Flat”, but over the last few months, we have formalised wet weather lines for both; “No Gum Boots Required” and “Still to be Named”. We will check conditions on Saturday and may close off the normal line and open up the drier lines for the race. There is another small section at the start of “Mechanics Pleasure” that over the past week has become very boggy due to ground soak seeping up to the surface. There was some work done on that yesterday to put in a filter drain and road base added, so with the sunny days ahead, it should be in great nick for Sunday too